Our approach

Experience has taught us that auditing activities are most useful when viewed not as an “investigation” but as a moment of ‘collaboration’ with the Corporate Management and with the administration staff in charge of accounting and budgeting operations.

Our approach therefore consists in hindering as little as possible the work of the client’s administration personnel so as to avoid an useless waste of time and energy.

This is why it is our custom to dilute our interventions over time, scheduling a ‘gradual’ and ‘continuing’ type of approach, also in function of the periodical verifications of proper bookkeeping activities and of the correct reporting of operating facts in the accounting records.

By means of this ‘prudent’ planning, we are in the position to anticipate as much as possible the highlighting of any budget problems and the search for a solution, while at the same time doing away with the need for our constant presence in the peak moments of year’s closing procedures.

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